Fishing in Prince of Wales Island

by admin on June 13, 2012

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska is America’s third largest island. Anglers can cover 2600 square miles of terrain for some action packed Alaskan sport fishing. POW as it is affectionately called by its island residents has a lot to offer anglers with a variety of fish and wildlife.

Salt water charter fishing is available and all 5 species of pacific salmon, pacific cod, lingcod, rockfish and halibut are abundant. The availability of these fish range from year round to the end of spring and summertime. In addition to these fabulous salt water fish shrimp and two types of crabs can be harvested. The sea is teaming with baitfish and plankton which attract these exciting sport fish and entice them to stick around. Deep dropping, live bait fishing and fly fishing are the common techniques for catching all the species mentioned.

Freshwater fishing is some of the finest on Prince of Wales Island. Rainbow, cutthroat, steelhead and brook trout are plentiful in the lakes and rivers. Runs of returning coho and sockeye salmon return yearly to where they were born. Other popular freshwater fish are Dolly varden, char, grayling and kokanee. Anglers fly fish and bait cast for them. Variety and assortment is what Prince of Wales Island is famous for. POW is the hot spot in southeast Alaska.

The weather changes quickly in Prince of Wales Island. There is always rain the island gets over 100 inches a year. Keep your rain gear handy. Temperatures can range from the 30’s to low 70’s excluding the winter months.

The Alaska Department of Fish and game regulates all sport fishing. While planning your trip it would be wise to get online and familiarize yourself with those rules and regulations. Fishing License can be purchased online ahead of time. Buying a license once you arrive in POW is easy. They sell them in tackle stores, outfitters, lodges and convenience stores. Some guides also have them available. Conservation is a must and taking only what you need is appreciated. Watch for bears and other wildlife while fishing the lakes, streams and rivers.

Prince of Wales Island is a special place. Whether you are looking for world-class sport fishing opportunities on the open ocean for salt water fish or explore one of POW’s many rivers for freshwater excitement, the scenic splendor and landscape will create memories to last a life time.

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