Wildlife on Prince of Wales Island

by admin on July 1, 2012

Most people think of cold, snow and six months of darkness when they think of Alaska. Actually, Alaska is beautiful country that is inhabited by some wonderful people and a multitude of wildlife. If you are considering visiting this amazing area, learn some of the magnificent creatures that you may encounter.

Most of our brown bear population resides in Alaska – about 98 per cent – and the most frequent are the Grizzly bear and some Kodiak bears. Brown bears are huge predators in Alaska. Aside from the brown bear is the smaller black bear that is not extremely fearful of humans. In fact, they have been known to parade through towns and campsites in search of food.The polar bear is a very positive resident along the arctic coast of Alaska. Other land animals roaming the grounds in Alaska are the Caribou, Moose, mountain goats, sheep and the bison. Most of these animals grace the mountain areas of Alaska. The Caribou and Moose are no strangers to humans and can be seen grazing along the highways. Bison stay in the meadows while mountain goats and sheep reside mostly in mountainous areas where they can avoid predators and human interaction.

When it comes to the surrounding waters of Alaska, Orcas, also known as the killer whale, is frequently spotted. They are most often seeking food such as seals and sea lions. It is not unusual to see humpbacks and other whales off the shores of Alaska as well.

Fish that are often found in this area is trout, salmon, whitefish and pike. You will also note the Leatherback Sea Turtle as well as the Green Sea Turtle swimming through these waters as well as sea otters.

Alaska is no stranger to wildlife in the skies either. Some of the birds include but are not limited to the raven, blackbird, Sand hill Crane, Bald Eagle, Northern Hawk Owl, Canada Geese, Boreal and Great Grey Owls and the Harlequin Duck.

Alaska’s weather does not make it ideal for slithering creatures like snakes and other reptiles. However, certain frogs and toads do make Alaska their home. It is not usual to see the Columbia spotted frog, the wood frog and the western toad.

If you are looking for an adventure and history, Alaska has a lot to offer in its beauty, culture, scenery and all the living animal wildlife. There is so much that you can enjoy in Alaska in and above the waters so take a tour of the country and appreciate all the life that dwells there.

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